Question your perceptions and believes for compassion

Like everything else, the weather is also a performance.

Reality is just a fairytale.

One, two, three, knock on the wall!

We have not seen the ultimate cliche.

Collect, repeat, organize, make sense, categorize, eliminate!

“Can you guess my name?”

Actors rule the world.

No landscape is innocent.

All we are is dust in the wind.

The landscape has an error.

Grasping the ungraspable

Identical does not mean the same.

Life's too short, to be bored and lonely.

Get struck!

Three is a crowd.

Why the fuck am I still a womens rights defender?

The woman is a piece of flesh without soul.

Courage has nothing to do with gender.

There is hope on the other side of the sea.

Wars end up being forgotten, except by those who fought!

A good excuse.

Between Glass Walls

Capitalism is vertical.

She’s kinda cool

There is no such thing as a post-conflict space.

Johny got his gun.

I would rather be nude than cute.

The fear of blushing.

Facts are irrelevant.

Gender does not exist.

The Instinct of Connectedness.

Images not to be seen.

Contradictions manifested.

We are all falling.

As long as two are one.

Wolves have no kings.

In this city, everyone can be a spy.

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